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How to be a good wife and mother

I am not sure about you, but when I read Proverbs 31 , I am utterly intimidated by this woman. She is no ordinary woman—this is superwoman on steroids! Honestly, I get tired just reading this chapter in Proverbs. I can understand why this woman was loved and revered by her family. She is an incredible lady and definitely one that I aspire to be like.

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How To Be A Great Wife, While Being A Great Mother?

Marriage is teamwork. And it requires both the partners to put in their individual efforts to make things work. But wait. Because, it is not. Read on. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to being a good wife. But there are certain things you should and should not do in a relationship to be a great partner. Here, we list down a few character traits that can make you a good wife.

If you have committed to spend a lifetime with a man through nuptials, you must love him. But loving is not enough. A relationship thrives on the expression of that love, among other emotions. So if you love your husband , tell him and show him how much he means to you. It could just be little gestures such as a kiss or a peck on the cheek now and then, or making his favorite breakfast once in a while or picking a movie he likes to watch together.

In any relationship, communication is critical. And marriage is no exception. Throw away the misconceived notions that a partner is supposed to know what the other one thinks and wants. Open communication in the marriage means that you tell your husband what you think or feel and what you expect of him. Talk to your husband — ask, say, and discuss. Avoid the silent treatment, which can make things worse.

Being supportive in a marriage is not just about being there when the partner is having a difficult time. It is about appreciating or praising him when he achieves a milestone, or when he overcomes his fear and tries something new.

Supporting is not always saying good things. It is also about offering constructive criticism to encourage him to improve in whatever he is doing.

Nothing is better than being in love with your best friend. This is a love that is deep, strong and genuine. Allow a healthy friendship to develop between you and your husband, and see what difference it makes to your life. The best marriages are those where the partners respect each other. Your husband is his own individual, with flaws and all.

Respect the person he is, not for what he does for you or the family. Mutual respect in the marriage is a must. This reflects in the way you speak and behave with each other. Do not belittle, humiliate, strike or harm your husband, whether in private or public. A little teasing is alright, but insulting is not okay. So watch what you say and think before you speak. Not everything that your husband likes could interest you.

Ask him about the game, book or hobby that he is interested in. Do a little homework and learn about the things he is interested in so that you can have a conversation about that too. Every person needs his or her own space. Even married men need their space at times and may want to retreat to their man-cave. Respect that and give him some space, and allow him to pursue his hobbies and interests.

Listening is critical for effective communication, and perhaps more important than talking. So make a conscious effort not just to hear, but listen and understand when your husband is talking. Pay attention to him during a conversation. Put away your phone, turn off the TV or turn down the music that could be distracting you. Giving your husband your full attention when he is speaking shows how much you respect him. Listening does not mean you have to agree with him.

But even to disagree, you must listen to what he is saying. Men, too, have this need to be loved, appreciated and praised. Tell him how much you appreciate the little things he does for you, for the children or in the house. Praise encourages him to do more for you, and also sends the message that his efforts are recognized. Marriage is about two different, unique individuals who will have differences. The disagreements and differences can sometimes lead to fights.

And those fights, if too many, can strain the relationship. It means you have to think and pick your fights wisely. Do not let your ego come in the way of a happy, loving relationship with the man you love. Honesty is the base for a trusting relationship. Marriages that last are based on honesty and open communication, with no place for cheating or lying. Your husband deserves honesty and truthfulness from you, just as you do from him.

Sometimes your honesty might upset your husband and may even lead to fights. But dishonesty can damage a relationship so much that the partners will have a tough time trusting each other again. One lie or betrayal and your husband may always have a lingering doubt about your truthfulness.

If you are not comfortable with who you are, you will not be comfortable revealing your true self to your partner. Be your true self in a relationship, right from the beginning. Being true to who you are is also about being honest with your husband and that helps build a trusting relationship. Not every day of marriage is exciting. Somewhere along the way, the boredom sets in. You get into a routine and do the same things day in and day out.

When ignored, boredom can lead to unhappiness. So what do you do? Have fun and do not let boredom creep into your relationship. Go on dates, picnics, road trips and tours. Or plan movie nights, cook dinner together, watch a TV series, be silly together, take yoga or dance classes together, learn a language together and do something that will help you two get out of your comfort zones.

Marriages that lack romance tend to fizzle out sooner or later. So step up your romance by a notch or two and get back to the basics. Get flirtatious, tease him, touch him lovingly, kiss him spontaneously and lead him in the bedroom.

Taking the first step in romance or lovemaking does not mean you are needy and it will not make you any less than the man. Surprise him! One thing that all men want to know is that they are good in bed. That said, most men may not be comfortable asking what they want in bed.

But in a marriage, you should be able to talk about your wildest fantasies and try them out. It could be something that you like, or he likes. Just do it without worrying about being judged. Being a good wife is not all about being a submissive or obedient wife that caters to every need of her husband hello!

Marriages are mutual, so if you want a good husband, you have to be willing to be a good wife. Was this information helpful? Yes No.

10 qualities of a good wife and mother

It is only natural for moms to wonder if they are doing a good job as a mom? All moms struggle with the question of whether she is doing a good mom and doing a good job as a mother. And whenever one of them does something wrong, we ask ourselves if we did anything to cause the behavior. In moments of uncertainty, it is easy for us to start overanalyzing everything starting to question if we even belong in the good moms club!

After working all day, feeding the family, cleaning the kitchen and putting the kids to bed, the last thing on your mind is how to build a happy marriage. But a happy marriage is the foundation for your family's well-being.

Being a good wife is not easy, even if you have a near-perfect spouse. To be a good wife, you have to be able to communicate effectively, to keep your romance alive, and to be your spouse's best friend while maintaining your own identity. If you want to know how to do it, just follow these steps. Expert Trick: Couples should have a getaway at least once a year. If you have kids or are really busy, you can do shorter, weekend-long trips.

The One Thing I Changed that Made Me a Better Wife and Mom

Balancing how to be a good mom and wife at the same time can be very challenging. For many women, it often seems difficult to be great at one and still find the energy to be great at the other. And truthfully, the role that tends to suffer most is being a wife. Is it going to be easy? The mistake most women make is giving too much of themselves in an effort to make everyone they love happy. They end up operating on a nearly empty tank because they try to meet every need their child ren have, while they try to maintain a happy marriage. I have a crazy idea, though. What if you tried to put your own needs first? I know it sounds almost impossible.

15 Qualities Of A Good Wife

When a woman becomes a mom, her life can feel so overwhelming that her role as a wife takes a backseat. Motherhood can be too demanding to leave time or energy for anything else. Beware moms! Both you and your husband deserve a fulfilling marriage for which you must learn how to be a good wife and mother at the same time. Only a woman can truly appreciate the efforts that go into balancing the scales of being a good mother and a great wife.

Within a year and a half, we had our first child. And now, 10 years later, we just had our 4th baby.

After the summer we have had which included a sick child in hospital, a car breaking down on our way to Florida, altered vacation plans, increased expenses, and a general necessity to rely on God and be flexible , I've been reflecting a lot on what it means to be a good wife and mother. There are days when I scream. Where I nag.

11 Tips To Help You Be Both A Good Mom And A Good Wife

Who is a good wife and mother? There are many opinions with holy books among them. A woman plays a number of roles in her life. She is a daughter and a sister, a wife and a mother.

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10 Tips on How to Be a Good Mom

Being a good wife is not easy, but it is necessary for every woman if they want to have a happy marriage. If you want to know how to be a good wife and mother while working, just follow these steps below. There is a proverb that a nagging wife might annoy like a constant dripping. It seems true, in my opinion. Most people get annoyed by nagging. Complaining and nagging constantly might create an undesired rift in your own relationship.

How To Be A Good Wife And Mother While Working – Top 19 Tips Revealed. 1. Quit Nagging. There is a proverb that a nagging wife might annoy like a constant.

Marriage is tricky. Even trickier. We've got you covered. While you do everything in your power to maintain a good work-life balance, your responsibilities inside and outside of your workplace just doesn't seem likely. For working moms, there's a sense of guilt that sets in from being away from your child during the day.

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Marriage is teamwork. And it requires both the partners to put in their individual efforts to make things work. But wait.

8 Proven Ways To Balance Being An Amazing Wife And Mom

Getting married was perhaps the most exciting thing you did…until you had a baby. Having a baby and raising him will not only be the most exciting thing, it will also be the toughest thing you would ever do. Whether you have one baby or more than one, whether you are a working mom or stay-at-home mom, whether you live in a joint family or nuclear family, whether you live in India or abroad, children remain your top of the mind concern always. And it should be so as well.





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