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How to find girl in chiang mai

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Thaifriendly is the most popular Thai dating site online in Thailand with over 1, new Thai personals profiles made every day of the week! We have lots of fresh Thai singles looking for new friends or to start a new relationship with a western guy who is interested in this beautiful country known as the land of smiles. This site is free to send and receive messages with lovely Thai ladies without having to match first. You can upgrade to a paid account for more features.

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Picking Up Sexy Girls In Chiang Mai

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If you are looking for the best places to meet girls in Chiang Mai plus a dating guide then this is the right post for you. In just a few minutes you will learn where to pick up single women and also take them out on your date night. Table of Contents. Thailand is a great place to visit, you might not find the same great nightlife here as in Bangkok or a nice beach like in Phuket but this town is great for nature lovers.

Day date options are limitless, and there are plenty of ways to meet single girls in Chiang Mai as well. Online dating, day game, date nights, and some tips for tourists and new expats will all be covered throughout this guide. Whether you want to try and hook up with a new girl or are traveling with one of your own we have you covered. We always like to start out with the nightlife, here is a list of some of the best nightclubs and singles bars to pick up Chiang Mai girls:.

We debated whether or not to include places like Spicy and Zoe in Yellow because they are known prostitute bars and many hookers will be in them every night. Still, with relatively few spots open late into the night we thought we should at least mention they exist and let you decide whether you want to go or not.

Any time you are partying in the Thailand nightlife there probably will be some hookers around, it is just that those two clubs will have more than other. As far as a good nightlife area for singles Nimmanhaemin Road would probably be the best bar district in the city and most likely place to get laid for free. Many of the hook up bars we listed are right there, most others are nearby. The Thapae Gate also has some decent nightlife, and the night market Night Bazaar here is also a great gathering point in the early evening.

Meeting girls in Chiang Mai during the day can be done in a variety of places. You can probably find some travelers from around the world at all of the main tourist attractions or hanging around the backpacker hotel areas. Walk around those areas or sit at cafes and be social. If you want to meet local Thai girls who live here then visit malls and shopping districts like:. You can also find a pool party at the Le Meridien Hotel which can be a lot of fun. Our last way to meet singles here is to use online dating sites.

Online dating is very popular in this country, we suggest you start doing it before you come here so you can arrive with some date nights planned out already. It is always great to get the ball rolling before you get into town. If you show up with no contacts made then you are really putting yourself behind the eight ball.

The top two dating sites will be Thai Cupid and Thai Friendly. You will find hundreds of single girls in Chiang Mai looking for men on them, often times they are using them specifically to date or hook up with foreign men. Not only will there be hundreds of women in this city but there will be tens of thousands all around the country. If you are traveling around and visiting different cities you will show up to each with date nights ready and waiting each time you land.

There is no better way to increase your odds of getting laid then that. Now that you are caught up on the best places and ways to meet single women near you our Chiang Mai dating guide will help fill you in on the rest. The night market will often have live music and things going on. It can be a great place to meet her and can make for an enjoyable and cheap date night in Chiang Mai. Day dates and things to do during the day are where this city really shines.

OK, the sexy Thai girls shine brightly as well, but the great nature you can find around this city is worth the visit. Art in Paradise has some cool exhibits worth seeing as well. If you end up finding an awesome girl that you want to spend more time with take her to Koh Samui.

We usually like to throw in some quick travel tips and advice on the dating culture in foreign countries. Most of our readers come from the western world and if you have never been here before a few words can really help make a difference. The local language is Thai and it is probably too difficult to bother learning for a short trip. If you will be staying long term that would be a different story. The currency is the baht , at the time we post this you get about 30 for every US dollar. For guys who plan to do a lot of partying getting a hotel in the right area will definitely make things easier on you.

To get around town you will need to hop on motorbike taxis or take a tuk tuk. Be as close to the places you plan to frequent to limit your time on either. Nimmanhaemin Road is the best nightlife area , booking a room nearby would be a good idea. You may read online that Loi Kroh Road also has lots of nightlife. Not a great spot for a date night, and probably not a good place to try and hook up with single Chiang Mai girls either. Just remember that in Asia saving face is huge.

That means you need to smile a lot, keep the conversation friendly, and just be a nice guy in general. Before you visit download the Line app and ask girls for their Line ID when you meet them, that is the main way people communicate in this country. Those links can help you prepare a bit if you need to visit either. We tried to cover this city as well as we could.

So while there are many single women interested in dating foreign men around there is also a lot of competition. When you go out to party on Nimmanhaemin Road or if you venture over to Loi Kroh Road you might be surprised at how many westerners you see.

Get a leg up before you come by using Thai Friendly and Thai Cupid. That wraps up our best places to meet girls in Chiang Mai with our dating guide, enjoy your time here.

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If you are heading towards Northern Thailand, then consider Chiang Mai as it has been a pretty popular place especially for young male foreigners, like me who are looking to have a great time with C hiang Mai girls! To get laid in Chiang Mai for free, read this article. Chiang Mai comes in fourth in terms of economic and cultural perspective. But why Chiang Mai?

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But the one type of place where Chiang Mai really stands out are the massages — there are lots of soapy massages spread all around town, plus smaller body-to-body sex spas that not many tourists know about. Chiang Mai is one of the best places for online dating in Thailand. Thai Friendly is the biggest free dating site in Thailand. It has more than 1. You can do that before even arriving here.

How Much To Pay For Girls In Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is a city in mountainous northern Thailand where there are more than 10 universities making it an excellent ground to meet young girls in their 20s. You might be wondering what is going to cost you to rent a girl either for a few hours or a few days. Most girls in Chiang Mai are students in the numerous universities. Even though there are so many university girls around, the demand outstrips the supply making them an expensive option. The prototype sideline girl is a university girl who is busy with her study but needs some money on the side. The standard price starts at 1. A small percentage of sideline girls go with foreigners, the reason is that they speak only Thai and feel more comfortable to go with Thai men. The solution is to meet Chiang Mai girls interested in foreign men. Most local girls that can speak English use dating sites like Thai Cupid to meet foreign men. There are also bar girls in Chiang Mai, the least popular because old, with tattoos and dark skin.

Best Places To Meet Chiang Mai Girls

I got the idea to write about the topic while having brunch one morning with some expat friends early on in my time here. Quite innocently, I brought up the topic of dating in Chiang Mai. I distinctly remember the incredulous clinking of forks on plates, the abruptly tabled drinking glasses, and the awkward but brief silence the moment I asked. The conversation that followed was vibrant and conflicting — it seemed no two people at the table had the same experience. I knew then I had to delve into this shadowy, sexy, and perhaps infinitely unknowable world of dating in Chiang Mai.

If you are looking for the best places to meet girls in Chiang Mai plus a dating guide then this is the right post for you.

Chiang Mai girls are different than the women in other parts of Thailand, but I am sure that you will love them. I still remember the day when I visited the pearl of the north for the very first time. I was amazed by how different the city and its women are in comparison to the women in the capital of the country. Comparing the women in the north with the women in Bangkok is like comparing a rhinoceros with a squirrel.

Best Places To Meet Girls In Chiang Mai & Dating Guide

By tornado24 , March 11, in Chiang Mai Forum. Hi, actually I have a problem in Chiang Mai, I want to meet good ladies here but seems to be impossible! I always end up in the same dodgy places meeting bar girls or freelancers, yellow bar or infinity, the issue seems to be that the good thai ladies dont speak to the farangs and always have to take the not good ones.

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Adventurous Kate contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through these links, I will earn a commission at no extra cost to you. I can understand why people would think that everyone loves it. Chiang Mai is home to a sizable travel blogger community, and as a result, receives almost universal praise. Those who love it are very vocal about loving it. Do you think many bloggers, especially new bloggers, want to challenge that?

Chiang Mai Girls

Chiang Mai is the successor of the former capital, Chiang Rai. Wat Chiang Man, the oldest temple of the city that dates back to the 13th century, is one of the famous tourist hotspots in Chiang Mai you must visit. The girls in Chiang Mai are well-educated, well-dressed, and the friendliest among all the singles in Thailand. This applies mostly to Chiang Mai singles. Fortunately, TrulyThai is here to help you with your Chiang Mai dating game. Here are 6 tips you should follow and keep in mind when dating Chiang Mai singles.

Are you looking to find sexy Chiang Mai girls or Chiang Mai bar girls? Find out where to find them in this article and what the prices are!

If you are planning to pick up, date and getting laid with girls in Chiang Mai, you need to learn some notion of Thai dating culture. Without knowing the basics, your only chance to spend the night with a Chiang Mai woman is to pay for a hooker. Pick up Girls Chiang Mai girls is not that hard if you can smile and have a normal conversation on a social level.

Disclaimer: This section has been written for a male audience and to serve the needs of our male readers. It contains information that some female readers might find disrespectful. It is by your own choice that you have arrived here.

This is arguably the most popular place in the world for digital nomads at the moment. As more and more foreign men move here it may become harder to hook up with the local ladies. In foreign countries there are always some girls that have no interest in foreign men, but on the other hand many have a very keen interest, and of course some are in between. English will not be well spoken by most sexy girls in Chiang Mai so that can make it a bit awkward to approach them.





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