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How to get more friends on facebook fast

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The 10 steps below demonstrate with a real example how to get more than 10, fans on your Facebook business page. Facebook is the king of social networks with more than 2. To take advantage of this for business purposes, you need to have a lot of fans followers on your Facebook business page. Five Years ago this did not make any difference but in the 21st century, social proof is important. More fans, more visits — The more fans you have, the greater is the number of people that will see your posts in their timeline and possibly visit your website. Currently the page has more than K fans and it continuous to grow organically.

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13 Interesting Facebook Tricks You Might Not Know

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If you google the term " get more likes on Facebook ", you'll get about 3 billion results. In this blog post, I'll give you the tactics that resulted in me getting 2. Yes, this post reached In other words, I didn't pay Facebook anything to reach these millions of people. My post reached a viewership equal to the population of California And even better, thousands of the people who liked the post became new fans of our Facebook page!

This post is not just another listicle filled with tired social media marketing B. The more Likes you get on your posts, the more Likes you'll get on your page.

And the more Likes you get on your page the more followers you get , the more Likes you'll get on your posts. Let's start with getting more Likes on your Facebook posts. Successful posts -- the ones that get tons of engagement -- will have a HUGE impact on your page.

In fact, getting more engagement on your posts will benefit your Facebook page more than anything else you do. If you get people to do these 3 things, your posts will reach a lot of people -- and they'll spread your brand far and wide across the Facebook ecosystem! Then people who've never heard of your brand will see your posts If you keep sharing awesome posts, they'll keep engaging with your page. And every time they engage with your page, they'll send a signal telling Facebook to show them more and more and more of your posts.

You see, once Facebook is showing your posts to a lot of people, you can then take the natural next step for your business:. You can start publishing posts with links to your website! These posts will send traffic to your site and turn your Facebook fans into subscribers, customers, and ultimately: brand advocates! You can learn more about this process by checking out the infographic here. How do I to create Facebook posts that people pay attention, click and share?

Below I'll share 20 tactics that are practically guaranteed to make it happen. If you want to get more Likes and engagement on your Facebook posts, there is nothing more important than this first tactic. Using proven, data-driven content in your posts will give them the best chance of going viral and reaching millions of people. It's content that has already been audience-tested and garnered huge engagement numbers.

It's content that has a proven past performance. For example, I chose the quote in my post above the quote about treating the janitor the same as the CEO based on the quote's impressive performance in another post. When looking through their posts, I noticed that one post had significantly more engagement than all the rest. The post had over , Likes and 1,, shares when I first saw it.

When I saw the huge engagement on this post, I knew there must be something special about the quote. And I knew it had to be quote itself, and not something else about the post. I mean, look at the design of the post image!

Does it even have a design?? The image is basically a hand-written quote on a simple background Despite this simplicity or probably because of it! In fact, if I hadn't seen SEEK's post, I wouldn't have known about the quote at all, much less that it would likely perform well with my audience.

I used a social media tool that shows me the top performing posts from any Facebook page I add to it. It's called Post Planner. The app then shows me the top-performing posts from those social feeds.

I can filter the top-performing posts by content type images, videos, gifs or articles and time period day, week, month, year, etc. Yes, I created the image for that mega-post above 2. You can watch the webinar in full here. Anyway, to make a long story short This tip is similar to 1 but with an emphasis on re-designing and re-using content. For example, take a look at this post that performed well on our fan page:. Can you guess where I got the quote on this image? Do you think I thought it up one day will meditating on my coffee break??

Notice the insane engagement numbers! The image post on the Lessons Learned in Life page has , shares! With that massive number, it must have reached tens of millions of people. That made the quote on the image a perfect candidate for re-design and re-use. You can see the full webinar video here.

Yes, I created this image live on a video webinar too! But don't worry. If you don't have time to watch the video, I can sum up the process in 3 simple steps:. And once I did these 3 steps and created the image, I then simply posted it to Facebook and reaped thousands of Likes! This process can be used for any content type. You can do it with images as done above , but also videos, gifs, and even articles.

And it works on any platform! In fact, you can probably stop reading now and just go put them into practice and reap thousands and thousands of new Likes on your posts and page. Post more if you're getting great engagement. Just make sure that you're monitoring everything in Facebook Insights.

By using Post Planner you can easily plan out the best times to post! There is no "magic time" to post, so mix it up and see what works best for your page. Images are the most shared piece of content on Facebook -- and all social media for that matter. This is why Instagram and Pinterest have done so well. Here's how to use it:. Facebook is not much different. Shorter messages tend to perform better.

A great way to remain relevant is to use the Status Ideas Engine and Content Library in Post Planner to post engaging statuses and trending content from various sources. People are your Fans and friends because they like what you do.

Your voice on Facebook should be true to your brand. That's one of the keys to conquering Facebook marketing. Contest and promotion apps, along with forms, surveys, etc.

Don't overdo it with apps on your page though. Contests are a great way to get more Fans and are highly shared on Facebook. It's always a good idea to stay on top of what's going on in your niche -- and to share that with your followers. What you don't want to do is share a post that's a year old and no longer relevant. Before you share something on Facebook ask yourself if you think your Fans will find value in the content. If your followers like funny memes or respond well to video, take note.

Use the type of media that works best for your audience. I tend to disagree with this statement. If all you're posting is stupid cat memes, you're offering no value -- which goes against the 10 tip. My advice: just don't overdo it. Totally agree with this tip -- but make sure the material you share is easy to follow and from a valid source.

Want more ways to get engagement and grow your Facebook page? We've got just the Ebook for you! Tailor your content to the season or an upcoming holiday.

A great way to get more shares is to do a promotion based on a holiday. Or you can emulate Mari Smith and change out your profile image or cover photo to something seasonal. People love to see personality on a page. View Hide comments Back to blog. Facebook Popular. Updated: February 13, Let me guess It's a legit question. And I've got a legit answer for you. But apparently I'm not the only one! Yes, 3 Billion

23 Ways to Get More Facebook Likes

Other social platforms, such as Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube, are all important as well. But a solid social media foundation starts with Facebook. Want More Traffic? There is a common misconception that getting people to follow you on Facebook is a costly investment. Well, keep reading to find out how.

F ollower count is often considered one of the vainest of vanity metrics. I can relate. Still, despite the vanity, there is value in follower count.

Facebook is a feature-heavy app. If you want a bit more privacy on Facebook i. Technically, Facebook requires every user to submit their first and last name when initially creating an account for security reasons. Once your account is created, though, you can bypass this so only your first name displays on your profile and across Facebook. Note : These instructions are for Google Chrome.

How to get a lot of friends quickly on Facebook?

My most successful online store grew to 54, Facebook followers. Having so many Facebook likes allowed us to create an engaged community of people who loved our niche and, more importantly, our products. Discover thousands of products you can start selling online. No commitment, no credit card required. From Facebook ads for beginners to influencer marketing , there are a number of ways to get Facebook followers that will help bring more fans to your Facebook page. Here are 18 ways to increase Facebook likes and Facebook followers:. So, if your main goal is to get store sales, you can run a conversion ad and still increase Facebook likes to your page.

How to Remove Facebook Friends in Mass or Bulk

Sometimes, it's as simple as asking. But what if you're having trouble inviting people? In this post, I'll cover everything you need to know to invite people to like your Facebook Page. The first step towards inviting people to like your Facebook Business Page is, of course, to actually have a Facebook Business page. If you're not there yet, or don't know where to get started with social media, Social Media Management can be a valuable tool for your business.

Facebook has become so commonplace that virtually everyone you encounter has a profile.

Buy any product with just one click. You need to choose the package you like and click Buy Now. Next, you will get to PayPal website where you can pay for the selected product. If you do not have PayPal account then you need to enter your payment information into the fields provided and PayPal account will be created for you automatically.

How to Get Your First 10,000 Fans on Facebook (Case Study)

Unless you have a huge advertising budget, paying for Facebook Likes is nowhere near as valuable as it was five years ago. After all, organic reach on Facebook is pretty much dead, right? However, there is still some marginal value in having a large number of page Likes. If nothing else, Likes serve as a form of social proof.

If you google the term " get more likes on Facebook ", you'll get about 3 billion results. In this blog post, I'll give you the tactics that resulted in me getting 2. Yes, this post reached In other words, I didn't pay Facebook anything to reach these millions of people. My post reached a viewership equal to the population of California

How to Create an 11,284-Member Facebook Group When You Have No Followers

Facebook has been around for a while, but chances are, you have no idea about the several hidden features buried within the social network. It's easy to only use the surface of Facebook: You log on, check your notifications, send a few chats, post a status or a photo, then close it out. If you're feeling adventurous, you may dive into the Settings panel and adjust your preferences. But there's so much more you can do - and we're not just talking about the basic stuff like blocking or managing post privacy. Here are a few tips and tricks really worth knowing, and keep checking back, as we plan to update this piece over time. Also, check out Pocket-lint's Facebook Messenger round-up for more handy tips and tricks. Facebook offers a neat feature that lets you instantly connect with anyone who represents the area where you live, through a feature called Town Hall.

Feb 13, - Get people to share your posts with friends. If you get people to do these 3 things, your posts will reach a lot of people -- and they'll spread your.

Social Media. Facebook friend requests are delicate. Inappropriate attempts to expand your network could get you blocked from adding more Facebook friends.

Remove Friends On Facebook

We all like friends but from a business point of view having more Facebook friends can be a real benefit. I have friends and counting. The nice thing about this is that I get at least 2 or 3 friends request per day as they see me on their friends profile and wonder who I am. So how did I get to friends?

Buy Facebook Likes, Followers and Friends

Facebook is a social networking site that has been sweeping the world by storm over the past several years. MySpace is a thing of the past now that most people have turned to Facebook as a way to keep up with their family and friends. This networking site is not just about socializing; it can also be a great networking tool for those that have a business.

It would be cool to create something like this myself. I was in that position myself a few years ago.

Updated: August 18, Tech Tested. This wikiHow teaches you how to attract and gain more friends on Facebook. While there is no guaranteed way to attract people to your Facebook profile, there are a few things you can do to make your profile more appealing. You can also use the "Suggested Friends" feature to add people you may know en masse. Make some of your profile info public.



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