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How to tell guy you want a relationship

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What does it take to get a man to truly commit and want only you? Here are four ways to reach a man deeply and make him want to commit and devote himself fully to you. The original article came off cold, harsh, and even depressing because I had left out the most important element of all when it comes to how to get him to commit. So in this revised version, I made sure to convey the one most important piece of the puzzle immediately at the beginning.

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How To Feel Confident Telling Your Date You Want A Relationship, According To Experts

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Asking a guy to be your boyfriend can be scary, but it doesn't have to be. With the right mindset, you can have a meaningful conversation about the future of your relationship with a guy without feeling stressed. Start by telling him what you like about him and then explain your feelings toward him. Then, ask him to be your boyfriend, and define what that means to you.

For advice from our reviewer on how long to give him to respond, and what to do if he says no, read on! Did this summary help you? Yes No. Log in Facebook. No account yet? Create an account. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Article Edit.

Learn why people trust wikiHow. Co-authored by Imad Jbara Updated: May 6, This article was co-authored by Imad Jbara. There are 18 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page.

Choosing the Right Moment. Asking the Question. Expert Advice. Tips and Warnings. Related Articles. Article Summary. Part 1 of The decision to commit can be a tricky one. Whether or not you are ready for a committed, steady relationship can be determined by a number of factors.

Every case is different, and you might have certain expectations for a relationship. Do I feel excited when we are together? Do I miss him when he is gone? Can I handle the time commitment of a serious relationship right now? What type of relationship do I want? If so, how well did we handle it? Are there any red flags I am concerned about? Am I uncertain about his character? Do I trust him? Do I want an exclusive relationship with one person?

If so, am I willing to be monogamous with this man? If not, are both parties open to a polyamorous relationship? Am I doing this because he makes me happy? Or are other people pressuring me to have a boyfriend? Take the length of your relationship into consideration. Trust your instinct. If the timing feels right, it might just be. If you have just met the guy, you might want to go on a few dates before you ask him to be your boyfriend.

You may not want to commit to someone you just met. Many people ask a partner to become steady or exclusive after about six dates or one month. If you have a long distance relationship, you may want to establish this talk sooner rather than later. This will help both parties understand what is expected even when you are far apart.

Identify whether the guy is interested. You should have some indication about how the guy feels about you. The only way to be absolutely certain about his feelings is to ask him, but you can look for certain signs that might signal his feelings.

If a man refers to future plans, it might be a sign that he is planning on sticking around with you. Prepare yourself for rejection. Think about how you will respond to a rejection. If you want a serious relationship with someone who will commit to you, you may have to part ways with this guy if he says no.

This will allow you to find someone who wants a serious relationship as well. If you have deep feelings for this guy, you might have to decide whether or not you want to hang out with him afterwards. You might decide to just stay friends, or you might decide to cut off contact until you can get over him.

Part 2 of Plan ahead. It will be easier for you if you know when you are going to ask the question. You can practice the conversation ahead of time, or you can identify the right moment to bring the issue up. There is no one right time to ask a guy to be your boyfriend. Judge your personal circumstances carefully. Some people plan a special date and hold this conversation at the end of a date. Others find that this conversation comes most naturally when they are hanging out together alone.

Either way, choose a good day ahead of time. Do not ask at a time when the guy will be stressed, upset, or busy. He may be taken aback by the question, and this could affect his answer. In a mirror, try starting the conversation and asking the question. Meet in person. It might be tempting to text or message a guy to ask him, but these questions are best dealt with in person. Talking in person allows you to explore different options for your relationship.

If there are any questions or concerns the guy has, you can deal with them together. If you can have this conversation during a visit, you might want to wait until the end before asking, in case you receive a negative answer. If you cannot ask in person, calling him is the next best option. Determine a good place for conversation. There is no one right place to have the relationship talk, but it should be a place where you can both express your feelings and discuss your future together.

Consider what is right for you and the guy. You should probably have this talk while you two are alone. You might broach the question during a walk on the beach, at the park, or in one of your homes. If there a place that is special to both of you—such as the site of your first date or a favorite monument--, you might choose to have the talk there to make it memorable.

Make sure that the guy is not distracted. Do not ask him during a movie, while you are out with friends, or when he is working. If you ask him while you are in the car or eating at a restaurant, he may feel trapped. Have the conversation in a place where you are both comfortable. Introduce the question at the right moment. While hanging out on your planned day, you should focus on staying relaxed.

Wait until a good moment to introduce the topic. If he compliments you, you might compliment him back, starting a conversation on what you enjoy about each other. This is a natural segue into the relationship talk.

If there a period of silence, you might bring up the issue. Say how happy you are in the moment, and see if the conversation comes up. Consider waiting for your guy to bring it up first.

This also helps you feel out whether your guy is comfortable with using titles or labels to define your relationship. This might be a good option if you are uncertain about your feelings or if you think that he is uncertain about the relationship.

Do not wait around forever for a guy to bring up the question. Set a date for yourself before you ask him. For example, you might give him a month before asking him yourself.

8 Tips to Go from Casual to Committed Relationship

You've met a cutie. You've been on several great dates , slept together, and you're even comfortable enough to allow them unrestrained access to your Spotify account even the Disney soundtrack playlist! But how do you know if this is all leading somewhere? There's no one way to have what is thought of by most of us as The Conversation of Doom, but according to dating expert Matthew Hussey, there are some simple dos and don'ts. Be upfront and straightforward about what you're looking for, and never be ashamed if you want something more serious than someone's willing to give.

Many women lament that their guys just aren't giving them what they want. All too often, the reason that they aren't is not because they don't want to please their ladies, but instead because they don't know what these potentially hard-to-read women are after. Don't leave your guy guessing as to what he needs to do to get you going, but instead make you desires clear.

How to steer your friends-with-benefits fling into more serious territory. You've been seeing this guy or girl at least once a week for a few months now. You're both sushi aficionados, his or her big brown eyes make you melt, or they even laugh out loud at The Mindy Project with you. It's great-except that you have no idea where things stand. They have yet to introduce you as their girlfriend or bring up being exclusive, and you're craving that "couple" title and the security that comes with it.

How To Tell If Someone Wants A Serious Relationship Early On

Specifically, this hub is about how to tell a guy that you want a relationship with him, and not just Of the carnal variety. Of the biblical sense. You know, sex. First, though, let's consider something: Do you want a relationship with him or do you want to be able to say that you're "in a relationship" with him? There's a subtle difference. Technically, you already do have a relationship with him, albeit one that is non-exclusive and "unofficial," so to speak.

How to Tell a Man What You Want in a Relationship

You start dating someone new. Things are going great. You begin to get excited about the way that things are going and start to fantasize about the future with them. Then, panic sets in.

If things seem to be going well with someone you just started dating, you might begin to wonder if they're truly interested in a long-term relationship.

It feels like now more than ever, people want different types of relationships. People want casual flings, hookups, and one-night stands, and they aren't afraid to ask for them. This, in itself, is fantastic, but can make it harder to find what you're looking for if you're actively seeking a more serious relationship. Starting something with someone who you know wants something casual when you want something serious can be scary, but you owe it to yourself to feel confident telling your date you want a relationship and stand up for what you want.

The failsafe way to have the dreaded "Where is this going?" chat

Asking a guy to be your boyfriend can be scary, but it doesn't have to be. With the right mindset, you can have a meaningful conversation about the future of your relationship with a guy without feeling stressed. Start by telling him what you like about him and then explain your feelings toward him.

The answer to this question is simple: first, you have to tell him what you want. Getting clarity is the first step towards a committed relationship, but too many women suffer silently while their guy happily leaves things as the status quo. Now, moving on is a perfectly good option if you are just over it. But if you really like the guy and feel he could benefit from a little direction, telling him what you want and need is an empowering a healthy way to go about things. Here are four tips for being super classy and still getting the clarity you need. I know it feels like a big deal because he is driving you crazy with all this ambiguity.

How to Tell a Guy That You Want a Relationship


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