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What do i need to bring to burning man

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Burning Man is an incredibly intense experience. Your body and everything you own will be covered in the alkaline playa dust, all of the time. And to top it all off, the only things that are available to purchase are ice and coffee. Preparing for Burning Man can be a daunting task. Burning Man has a gifting culture and there are countless wonderful people who will help you out if you forget to pack anything. It will undoubtedly be one of the most difficult and one of the most unbelievable experiences of your entire life.



The checklist: How to pack for Burning Man

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I highly recommend that you use this Google Sheet version of my. Or print and check off with a pencil. Version 8.

I highly recommend that you use this Google Sheet version of my Burning Man Packing List because you can make a copy for yourself, customize, and then Check when you "stage" the item, and check it off when you "pack" it into your vehicle. Do a physical check before you leave and place your tickets in the glove compartment or some plave you can find them easily. You lose a lot of body heat through the ground without insulation. Lag Bolts 12"" , washers, and an Impact driver - by far the best way to anchor your tent 30" rebar stakes!

I use straight rebar and stick pool noodles over the part that sticks up. Extra batteries Bike s , tire repair kit, tools, air pump, lock, spare tube see Playa Bike page Bike lights - please make sure you point it down so as to not blind people. Alcohol and caffeine are diuretics and will drain moisture from your body so you have to drink more water to compensate.

Bring a few because you are likely to lose at least one. Plan every meal - if you do so you won't end up hungry or with a bunch of left-over food Vacuum sealed pre-cooked deep frozen foods for re-heating and consumption.

Snapware is waterproof and re-usable. Snack bars, trail mix, dried fruit, jerky, peanut butter Dehydrated foods, rice, and something like Tasty Bite packs optionally with a can of shredded chicken make a quick and tasty meal. Alcohol, as desired. Coolers - food packaging, Dry Ice , etc. Faux fur coats rock! Costs vary greatly Cut up old t-shirts or bulk fabric and bring about 20 masks. Use and toss in your laundy bag.

Wet them if in a dust storm Neck gaiters are what I use. I have about 20 of them in different colors. Again, use once and toss in the laundry bag. Purpose built face masks - like this one work well and look great, but are pricey. Cameras with lenses that slide in and out do not do well in the dust. It reminds me how long I've been going Musical Instruments.

Burning Man Packing List: The essential 2019 Burning Man survival guide

I highly recommend that you use this Google Sheet version of my. Or print and check off with a pencil. Version 8.

Feel free to contribute more packing-list items in the comments! A hide-a-key So that you can leave the spare and people from your group can get into the car if need be, while everyone is out running around.

The comprehensive guide to shopping and packing for burning man for people who love thoroughness! This is a more thorough version of the burning man survival guide checklist. Note: Don't bring things that you aren't okay getting very dusty. Most of the dust washes out, but be aware.

The Ultimate Survival Packing Guide for Burning Man

Knowing exactly what items to pack, and how many of them, will ensure that you have the best Burning Man possible! The Burning Man packing list was compiled from my own experience on the Playa, the Burning Man forum, experienced Burners, and the Burning Man website. If you have a suggestion for something to add to the checklist, please leave it in the comments section and I will add it to the list. A black and white printable PDF version can be found here. Playa dust WILL get all over everything. Embrace it. Lay down an old carpet for tarp to keep dust down. Use melted ice water from your cooler to spray the dust. The following items are just a few ideas of food items to add to your Burning Man packing list. This list will vary based on your personal preferences.

What To Pack For Burning Man When You’re A First-Timer

In order to truly understand Burning Man, the annual summer event held in the middle of the Nevada desert, you probably just have to go. The nine-day gathering of more than 70, people includes wild costumes, art installations, spontaneous musical performances, and lots of partying. For the burning of the temple, people created memorials for deceased loved ones and past relationships, according to the Reno Gazette Journal. With Burning Man starting on August 25, Business Insider has compiled answers to some of your most burning questions about Burning Man. Burning Man is an annual, nine-day gathering in the desert that includes artistic performances, installations, and music — but don't call it a festival.

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Updated on April 26, by Asher Fergusson. B urning Man is an epic annual gathering celebrating art and community. It draws crowds from every walk of life, calling everybody from celebrities to accountants to commune with nature, jam to music and collaborate to turn Black Rock City into a man-made utopia, if only for the week.

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Packing for Burning Man is not something you can rustle together a few days before you head into the desert. If you do? Burning Man is the real deal. You can read the official 10 commandments of Burning Man here.

In order to understand why you need to such preparations, you first need to know how Burning Man works. The preparations explained here are based on the information shared in the other article. In terms of Burning Man preparations, our first order of business was to follow the dates for ticket sales. The tickets go on sale in multiple stages. They try to improve the ticketing system every year, so these stages may vary.


Packing for Burning Man, be it your first time or not, is an overwhelming experience. How does one prepare for just about everything? Weather can be cold, hot or rainy, and you can be sure to hit at least one massive dust storm. So what to pack to take part in the fun and games plus be comfortable and safe camping in such harsh conditions? This list has been culled from a number of different lists shared with me by various long-time burners.

A complete burning man packing list and things you didn't think of. (You don't need a camelback, you can bring a backpack and big water bottle); Big water.

Each year, I did things a little differently. I self-camped my first year, I joined a camp my second year but brought my own food , and I flew directly into BRC and stayed at a fully hosted camp my third year. Regardless of how you choose to experience the burn, there are some absolute essentials you need to pack for Burning Man in order to stay safe, be prepared and have fun! Depending on your camp setup, these are some of the most vital things you will need to survive out in Black Rock City!

Going to Burning Man requires a lot of time, planning, and dedication. If you're a first-timer, it can be a struggle deciding what to pack. You've likely heard tales of a week in the desert filled with wonder, yet you might not know exactly what this experience will have in store for you, as no one can really describe it.

Looking for a Burning Man packing list? Check out this guide on what to bring to Burning Man for one of the biggest festivals in the world! Burning Man is a unique annual event that brings together tens of thousands of people in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada for a week of music and radical self-expression with a focus on celebration, community, and civic responsibility. The desert transforms into a temporary community called Black Rock City, filled with art installations, theme camps, and villages.

Thousands of so-called "burners" are already in the midst of the eight-day party that is Burning Man , where they'll see dust-caked revelers in eye-popping costumes , experimental art installations, an "orgy dome," and a foot-tall sculpture set aflame in the middle of the desert.




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