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Katrina Hines is a graduate of Carroll High School. She later on went to attend Louisiana Tech University where she majored in sociology. She is a disabled veteran from the United States Army. Katrina has gone on to write various submissions on poetry. She presently resides in Louisiana.

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42 Best Songs About Growing Up & Getting Older

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Discover the top funeral and remembrance songs. Our children are our future. For many, our children are our whole world. Artists and songwriters have the amazing ability to take a sliver of their world and turn it into something that can speak to all of us. And when artists draw from their children and their childhood, the results are powerful. For some artists, that means experiencing joy without sorrow. For others, it's about being able to provide.

This list of the 42 best songs about growing up straddles genres and styles. Take a look. Chances are, one of these will speak to you. From country music to glam rock, artists understand how difficult it is to raise a child. Here are a few songs which consider the struggles and rewards of parenthood. This dad never imagined his life would become more about his daughter than himself. He was surprised that becoming a parent didn't ruin his life.

This classic Louis Armstrong song is about more than babies growing up. It's about taking the time to watch and appreciate everything around you, too. Joni Mitchell is one of the most influential artists from the 60s and 70s. She wrote "Circle Game" with James Taylor to capture the poetic feeling that growing up is like a carousel of time. A lack of time and a want for money is at the root of all misery.

If you learn these lessons early, you can live a fulfilled life and accept whatever may come. David Bowie was one of the most prolific glam rock artists of all time.

His song "Changes", marked by its stuttering vocal effect at the chorus, still influences other famous artists to this day. Lee Brice recognizes his wife's stubbornness in his young son. If you're a parent who is preparing to send your kid off to college, you'll find a lot of reflection in this song.

Even though you've known for 18 years that this day would come, it's still a hard thing to do. This is a happy little song from a dad to his baby girl. Not only does he cherish his bond with her, but he's also letting her know he'll always take care of her no matter what.

Dads want so much for their daughters. In this song, dad wants his daughter to experience all the joys of life with as few lows as possible. This dad knows that he's prepared his daughter the best he could, but he's just not ready to release her to the world. Stevie Wonder was obviously mesmerized by his daughter. In his lyrics, he's praising both God and the love he has with his wife. In this song about a dad's steadfast love for his daughter, Billy Joel sings about how he wants her to have everything she needs to have a full life.

In her song, McBride learns to see the world from a new perspective. Looking at the world from her daughter's eyes has made her appreciate the little things a little more. Elton John's song is about a father who has many hopes for his sons, even if he hasn't met them yet.

He's also making promises he intends to keep. There are lots of country songs to choose between when it comes to growing up. This song is about being both foolish and brave. Hopefully, you look back at your teenage moments with some humor. George Strait's song about growing up will take you from camping with dad to learning to drive and down the wedding aisle. No matter how old she gets or who she wants to marry, she'll always be that baby wrapped in pink. Learning to love doesn't just happen in school.

Learning to love the right person follows you into adulthood. We want the best for our kids. It's impossible to see it any other way. What a relief when they achieve everything you hope for them. Our first experiences make the most profound impression.

You'll always look back at your first dance and first kiss with a bittersweet melancholy. Dolly's song is about being proud of the love that goes into the life that keeps you warm. If you had everything you needed as a child but didn't know you were poor, then your childhood was pretty amazing. There's a lesson to be found in the sheer strength of kids. We may even be able to learn more from children who seem otherwise invisible.

Sometimes, your kid is the spitting image of you. That includes your sass, your freckles, and even your sense of humor. Pulling from 90s classic rap and moving on over to psychedelic soul hip-hop, this collection of songs is the most diverse. Even though the artists' experiences may seem polarized, they are remarkably similar. Ludacris was born in Champagne but raised in Atlanta by a single mother. Now, he's a social activist and philanthropist.

Love is a hard truth to understand. Sometimes we miss clues even when their spoken right to us. The difference between growing up black versus white is that you have fewer opportunities and a lot more judgments to hurdle.

This song is about the distance between youth and adulthood. It's also about the distance between you and your memories. Growing up with depression numbs all of life's experiences. No matter what memory you try to hold on to, you feel like you can't or that you don't exist. The singer asks about his future, wondering if he'll be lonely and cold or surrounded by loved ones. Although the music tends to have more similarity in rock and alternative rock, the themes vary widely based on the artist's generation.

John Mellencamp is an iconic heartland rock and folk artist. His songwriting themes include interpersonal relationships, middle-American struggles, and human resilience.

From mellow to raucous, Bruce Springsteen's trailblazing rock music can reach any audience. Here is his best song to help you reminisce about better days gone by. If you are looking for a song to reignite a sense of self-discovery or inability to fail, then "Wake Up" is for you. Led by twin brothers, Tokio Hotel is a stand-out German band.

In this song, Tori Amos laments how growing up somehow removes your opportunities to live your dreams out loud. In Tori's music, you find she covers tough topics like politics and sexuality.

Try to remember everything about the innocence of childhood if you can, even if you have to reimagine the memories with some hyperbole. Growing up means you deal with your life.

Dealing with your life means you have to embrace everything you didn't like about growing up. Wolf Alice is a female-led alternative rock band from London. Their song "Brothers" is in reverence to the best parts about true friendship.

Early rock, especially early surfer-style rock music, is mellow and super chill. Even though this Beach Boys song is about growing up with agoraphobia, it still makes you want to fade into the floor with a good set of headphones. During our youth, there's one summer that defines us more than any other. In "Night Moves", this singer's rock-n-roll summer involves a Chevrolet, backroads, and a lot of youthful passion.

In this alternative rock song, growing up is directionless, but always seems to move forward. In "", you'll experience a guitar-heavy, almost gothic heartbeat of rapid strumming.

Everyone either struggles to be a child or to raise one. This is a common struggle that unites us all as humans on this earth. I know we did when we put it together.

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Cat Stevens - Father & Son Lyrics

Lots of kids are very active. They might kick a ball around one minute and sit quietly with a book five minutes later. Experts would describe them as hyperactive.

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Parents expect temper tantrums from 2- and 3-year-olds. But angry outbursts don't always stop after the toddler years. Older kids sometimes have trouble handling anger and frustration too. Some kids only lose their cool once in a while, but others seem to have a harder time when things don't go their way. Kids who tend to have strong reactions by nature will need more help from parents to manage their tempers.

Understanding Your Child’s Hyperactivity

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Father and Son (song)

You want what you want and nothing on this earth can change your mind. I was standing in the cold the day you stopped when he walked by It was a year to the day I can't forget the way you ached when he said goodbye But you want what you want and nothing on this earth can change your mind. We all climb a little higher trying to find a better view, When the one truth in this world comes from the bottom of you. Never spent time in the kitchen, cause why just cook for one? It wasn't right it's like I knew Something was missing from the way that I was just sleep walking through I was divided, broke in two And I realized that I was living my whole life only half as good.

Cold calm pregnant. In addition, use should be confined to only those products that are appropriate for the symptoms.

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Taming Tempers

When can we, yeah can we, work it out? Meditation just makes you more strung out I wish you had a guru to tell you to let it go, let it go. I wanna walk through the park in the dark Men are scared that women will laugh at them I wanna walk through the park in the dark Women are scared that men will kill them I hold my keys Between my fingers.

The song frames a heartbreaking exchange between a father not understanding a son's desire to break away and shape a new life, and the son who cannot really explain himself but knows that it is time for him to seek his own destiny. Stevens sings in a deeper register for the father's lines, while using a higher one for those of the son. Additionally, there are backing vocals provided by Stevens' guitarist and friend Alun Davies beginning mid-song, singing an unusual chorus of simple refrains. Cat Stevens originally wrote "Father and Son" as part of a proposed musical project starring Nigel Hawthorne , called Revolussia , that was set during the Russian Revolution , and could also have become a film; the song was about a boy who wanted to join the revolution against the wishes of his conservative farmer father. The musical project faded away when Stevens contracted tuberculosis in

Cold calm pregnant

When I was younger I got my heart broken by an older woman. No matter what I said, or what nice things I did for Karen, she was out of my league since I was younger. Karen was a 17 year old junior, and I was an incredibly good looking and intelligent 16 year old. This is exactly what my mom told me every time I brought her cupcakes. The rejection was devastating until a bright light named Stephanie joined my high school as a freshman. In fact, Stephanie was even more beautiful than her older sister, and I just had to pursue. For one semester, Stephanie and I had a frolicking good time. We hung out after school together almost every single day.

Jan 16, - In the list below, you'll find songs that relate to the same fears, hopes, and Lee Brice recognizes his wife's stubbornness in his young son. This is a happy little song from a dad to his baby girl. "When They Reminisce Over You" gives you that cool, jazzy feeling even though you are listening to Pete.

Es ist eins meiner Lieblingsliedern von ihm. Er hat mit diesem Taxt den Nagel auf den Kopf getroffen. Immer noch aktuell.

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It's not time to make a change Just relax, take it easy You're still young, that's your fault There's so much you have to know Find a girl, settle down If you want you can marry Look at me, I am old, but I'm happy. I was once like you are now And I know that it's not easy To be calm when you've found Something going on But take your time, think a lot Think of everything you've got For you will still be here tomorrow But your dreams may not. How can I try to explain?

Calming your kids: how do you tame a wild child?

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